Volunteer FAQs

1.  How old do you have to be to volunteer?

               We have volunteers as young as 10, however for the safety of our volunteers and riders, we must individually consider height and weight when placing volunteers and riders together as a team.


2.  Do you have to have experience with horses?

Horse experience is not necessary to be a volunteer because there are many opportunities to assist with therapeutic riding services before, during and after the appointment that does not require horse experience.    

3.  Can I earn volunteer hours for my school?


4.  What do I wear?

     We strongly recommend checking the weather conditions and dress appropriately with closed toed shoes. 

5.  What will I be doing if I volunteer?

     Volunteers may tack or un tack, groom, feed, catch or release horses prior to lessons and during lessons volunteers             communicate and encourage communication through game play, songs or other activities with the riders, assist in               getting the rider mounted, stabilized and dismounted safely,  work with the rider in stretching exercises and hand-eye         coordination of games and assist the rider with focus, concentration and coordination.

6.  Do you have to be CPR and/or First Aid certified?

This is currently not a requirement to be a volunteer.

7.  Are there any vaccinations required of volunteers?

All volunteers must have and show proof of being current on the tetanus vaccination.