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Horse Sense & Sensitivity enhances the life skills and self confidence of special needs people by providing equine-assisted therapeutic programs and services in the Jacksonville area.

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Current Events

Volunteer Training

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All volunteers are expected to attend a scheduled volunteer training.   At the training one of our instructors and some experienced volunteers will go over safety rules and demonstrate side-walking and horse leading.  You will have the opportunity to practice these volunteer activities so wear comfortable clothes and covered-toe shoes.  Come prepared to ask questions, learn about therapeutic riding, get dirty, and have fun. All paperwork (see volunteer post below)  must be completed before volunteering in the classes.  These forms will be available for completion at the volunteer training, but if you can, please download forms from the website, fill them out, and bring them to the training.

A FALL VOLUNTEER TRAINING WILL BE HELD ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 9, at 4:30 P.M. AT 7125 GARDEN STREET.  For information contact the instructor, Sis Van Cleve-Miller, at 904-866-5171 or the volunteer coordinator, Peni Hufnagel at 201-675-4693.

If you are interested in helping with horse grooming and tacking before lessons, please tell the instructor who will arrange whatever additional training you might need.  Please note that you will need to arrive approximately 1 hour before a scheduled lesson to participate in this aspect of the program.

Fall Group Classes

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Sis Van Cleve-Miller will begin the next  8-week group sessions at 7125 Garden Street, 32219, on Sunday, August 16 and Tuesday, August 18.  Sunday afternoon classes will be at 1:15 and 2:00.  Tuesday afternoon classes will be at 3:45, 4:30, and 5:15.  There are spaces available in all classes.   To sign up, contact Sis at 904-866-5171.

The following forms are required for all riders (minors must have a parent or guardian fill out and sign the forms.)  If a rider has previously participated in lessons at the Garden Street location with Sis, there is no need to fill out these forms again. Please note: these forms must be completed and signed BEFORE a rider participates in a class.

The following forms are required to be submitted within two weeks of beginning lessons. They are to be completed by a physician and returned to the instructor.

Private Lessons

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Private lessons with instructor Jennifer Yudow are continuing at 2202 Bishop Estates Road for those already enrolled. No new riders will be accepted until the fall (after school begins.)  Requests for lessons can be sent to Jennifer  at 904-230-3409 or  byudow@comcast.net .  The same documents are required for private lessons as listed in the Fall Group Classes post above.

Birthday Celebration (photo above)

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Pandora celebrates her 16th birthday with Catherine and a homemade carrot cake with real carrots on top!


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We will be needing more volunteers for the fall programs. We use volunteers for catching/grooming/tacking horses, leading horses and sidewalking during lessons, equipment cleaning, and property maintenance. We also have “work/fun” days when we bathe and trim horses, tidy up their living areas, and spend some time just connecting with these loveable animals.

Please download & print these three forms below, and bring signed copies with you.